Bete van Meeuwen

If there’s one word that captures Bete van Meeuwen’s photography, its fluidity. The Amsterdam-based photographer aims to combine her keen eye for socio-political issues and strong imagery to create a distinct sense of visual activism. Through her lens, Van Meeuwen constantly bridges the gap between representation and topics such as gender, sexuality, and color.
As an autodidact, her work goes beyond how the images make the audience feel. The art of photography extends to the magic within the studio, to the subject, feeling as comfortable and empowered as possible.

Bete is a multi-talented woman. She’s currently writing her first book, which will be published by Dipsaus/Uitgeverij Pluim. Her book will be about identity in all it’s layers and how that affects being a Black and Queer woman living in the Netherlands. Additionally, she wrote an erotic story, which will be published in September 2022 in the new book by Damn Honey: Fucking Horny.

Van Meeuwen finds it important to speak about topics which are often in the taboo-sphere such as sex and sexuality, but also feminism and discrimination. She is available for interviews, videos, podcasts, live streams and as a writer of articles.

Foto door Wouter van de Goor


2020: Solo exhibition at Pllek
2019: Curated an evening at and for EYE Film Museum Amsterdam, where her series Wisteria: Male Femininity was displayed, a panel talk took place, a documentary was shown and ballroom dancers performed.
2018: Solo exhibition at VondelCS

Client Selection

Netflix, Volkskrant, Hilton, Cosmopolitan, Linda Meiden, Scotch and Soda, DeLaMar Theater, HEMA, Eye Film Museum, Adidas, Vice NL, The Black Archives, Frans Hals Museum, The Body Shop, Stadsarchief Amsterdam, Meulenhof Uitgeverij, KRO NRCV, Footlocker, Omroep Human, De Geus Uitgeverij, De Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam, Verzetsmuseum Amsterdam, Essentiel Antwerp, Guess, COC Amsterdam, Media College Amsterdam, Beeld en Geluid

Foto’s door Rachel Ecclestone

Exhibition at Eye Film Museum